Monday, 27 February 2012

How to make an origami frog

I’ve chosen to do an origami frog because it is something fun, interesting and new to do for me. I’ve found out how to make it with the following origami website. The instructions are easy to follow and it turns out great. Try making one for yourself! Also I taught my sister how to make it and played around with our camera to take the pictures for this with the best lighting and angles possible. I followed the instructions closely as it was quite easy to understand and it turned out similar to the example shown on the website.

Start with a square piece of paper

Fold corner to corner and top to bottom

Pick one side of the corner and fold it to the corner next to it
Do the same to the other side
Crease paper

Next insert your finger in one of the pockets
Move the pocket around to the front, then flatten and crease it

Perform this move on three pockets…until the paper is in a diamond shape.
Next fold and unfold the corners as shown, to make crease marks
Next fold the paper inwards to make a petal shape
Perform the petal shape fold three more times on the other three faces
Fold the frog base down the centreline
Then fold the lower edges of one layer into the centreline
Now use reverse folds to stretch the back legs
Fold the legs like this

And arms like this
Now you’ll need to blow where the frog’s bottom is, to inflate it.
You can make the frog jump a short distance


  1. Haha, nice green piece of paper!
    Great step by step photos and I like your finished frog :)
    Well done.

  2. Supp, nice!! Gotta do ur Wordle HMWRK b4 wednesday


    1. Sup! Thx hope you do a good wordle toooooooooo!