Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Zorgs are coming

Character: Alien from Outer Space                                                                                    
Setting: At a swimming pool                                                                                                   
Time: After a big meal                  
Situation: Secret needs to be confessed to someone

The Zorgs are coming

The Zorg civilization is an ancient group of aliens who live in a gigantic space ship in outer space. There is only thing that keeps a Zorg alive, as strange as it sounds it is water. In the central part of the ship the Zorgs are getting ready for a big feast. The Zorg who’s organizing the feast is the head chef, his name is Zap Zanagin. Zap is a brilliant chef, with a lot of genius dishes, like toothpaste, sawdust and copper. Zap slowly slithers along the floor, knowing that his ten tentacles, his giant head and small greenish arms can’t make him go faster.

Finally he arrives at the kitchen and he starts to make one of his famous dishes. But he sees that the water supply is low. He hits an oversized red dusty button next to the water supply, next thing you know an alarm goes off with a horrendous sound. Every Zorg on the ship starts to yell and flap their tentacles slapping each other everywhere. Zap slithers over to the leader of the clan. She is described as a gorgon, with feet smelling horrid. She has made a snappy decision already. Unfortunately all the alien men are fighting in a war, just to see who gets one mile of space. So she orders Zap to go to a random planet in search for water. Zap’s alien face said everything; he was frustrated, angry and furious.

He knows that Earth is the closest planet which consists of water. He ventures out into the space wilderness with a ten metre by ten metre flying saucer. He finally finds Earth and also a water source (a swimming pool). He lands on the roof of the changing rooms; he pushes a button on his suit which changes him into a human boy. He jumps off the roof and stares at the water filled pool. There are too many humans there he thought, all of a sudden there was a strange feeling in Zap’s stomach, was it gas? Next thing you know Zap burps, a nasty diabolical, dreadful smell came out of his mouth. One by one the humans become paralysed; one by one they fall to the ground. Now it’s Zap’s chance, he dashes quickly like a cheetah with his new human legs to his saucer. From his flying saucer an enormous straw extends and starts to suck the water out of the swimming pool.

 Out of the changing rooms comes the lifeguard, who works there. He sees everyone unconscious and then he leisurely looks up to the horizon. The lifeguard runs up at Zap and grabs him. He says to Zap “What are you?”, Zap replies in confession “I’m an alien sent here to destroy everyone!” Zap laughs at his joke and then hooks the lifeguard on his over shocked face. That punch sent him to the ground with a “THUD!” Zap collects the rest of the water and heads back into space. He has saved the Zorg civilization and goes back to be a chef (or that’s what the others thought).                     

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  1. Good story.
    Your sentences could have been written in a more interesting manner. For example, you write: " She is described as a gorgon, with feet smelling horrid." sounds better if you you write it like "She is what's a called a Gorgon, with horrid smelling feet."
    Great attempt. Thanks for getting it completed :)