Monday, 11 June 2012

Collaborative story

As I walked to my car I see my dad wheeling my luggage into the trunk, it looked like he was struggling with it. I gazed at my house as I said my farewells. I hopped into the front seat of the car when I see Mr Jenkins waving at me from inside his house. During the car ride I felt nervous and excited about the trip and the journey I’m going to go through. But the fact that my mum died mysteriously brought me down. The car ride lasts twenty minutes as I yawn looking up at the evening cloudy sky. I look in the distance at the airport. I got out of the car and hugged my dad when I suddenly remembered Fifi. I told my dad to take good care of her as he handed me my luggage. It started to rain as I saw my dad drive into the distance. I walked up to the reception as I wheeled my heavy luggage behind me. I got my ticket and headed to the security check. A guard picks up my bag and lays it on the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt speedily scanned my bag, another guard was behind a computer which scans luggage when they go on the conveyer belt. The guard yelled “stop right there missy!” I was in such a shock that I took a few steps backwards. The guard opened my bag and found a cheerful Chihuahua. “Fifi!?” I said in an excited, frustrated tone. “Sorry but the law clearly states that no living organisms can aboard a plane, only if you pay for them”. I sighed and then thought guess its hello to Mr. Jenkins again. But I couldn’t give up so I paid for Fifi, which costs a lot, then boarded the plane. A restful night later I chucked my running shoes on and watched the heat waves in the distance. After a tiresome run later, I came third in the 2012 Marathon de Paris and scored a bronze medal. I see a familiar face in the crazy, applauding crowd. Is that my mum!?

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