Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Olympic Sport idea

A sport that I think should be played in the Olympics is paintball. My reasons for this sport to be in the Olympics are that, first it is same as shooting but it can be targeted at someone. That it’s very physical and tactical as it can be played differently. That is why it should be played in the Olympics.

Firstly the type of gun which was used in my experiences in paintball looks realistically modern. It holds more than thirty paint-balls in the gun. Which when fired explodes paint in contact with an object or someone. You need a very good eye sight and excellent accuracy while playing this sport as people do play this game professionally.

In paintball you could either verse another team, play one on one, play capture the flag, etc. But commonly the object of the game is to shoot someone somewhere on their body, when hit they are out of the game. So paintball is all about shooting your opponent out, which in Olympics would be countries shooting other countries out. This sport is all about being focused, having good stamina, endure hits from paint-balls, have great vision in shooting and most importantly having fun!

Therefore I think paintball should be a sport that is played in the Olympics as its; similar to firing a real gun but you actually fire it at someone, very physical and tactical. This game is played globally and is a very common hobby.

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