Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My book review: Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

I’ve done my book review on ‘Eagle Strike’ by Anthony Horowitz. It isn’t the first in its series, but saying that this is a good book to read. This book is about a young fourteen years old boy called Alex Rider, he is an agent of the company MI6. This book starts off with Alex on a holiday with his friend Sabina and her parents in the South of France, while Alex lies on the beach he sees in the distance a yacht called ‘Fer De Lance’ (poisonous snake). His enemy Yassen Gregorovich came out of the yacht. He assassinated Alex’s uncle, his uncle named Ian Rider was also a spy. Alex wanted to find out why he was here? His curiousness got into a little trouble in the yacht as he got kidnapped. Yassen gave Alex two choices, first choice was he dies instantly with a hand-gun or plays a very dangerous French sport (bullfighting).

Being a secret agent and all, Alex won the bullfight. He was walking back to the house he was living in with his friend Sabina and her parents. But when he got there it was all a wreck. Someone has bombed their house! Alex thought he was the target but it actually Sabina’s dad. Alex was sure it was the famous pop singer Damian Cray who is more than happy to give some of his money to charity. He was sure with his phone number on Yassen’s phone and the fact that Sabina’s dad was writing an article about Cray’s life and carrier. The police wouldn’t believe Alex (coming from a fourteen year old boy). He had to get more information, Cray made a game console ‘GAME SLAYER’ with the first game called ‘Feathered Serpent’. Yassen’s yacht was called Fer De Lance (Poisonous snake) and the game was called ‘Feathered Serpent’.

He had been volunteered to play the virtual game which made an avatar of him on the game.  He has seen signs that Cray is not the man he pretends to be and soon enough Alex finds out that the pop icon is in fact a very evil man who has conceived a plan which will end up killing millions of people. Anthony Horowitz’ book series about dangerous adventures about Alex is very awesome with crazy plots and exciting chapters. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading suspense adventures.

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